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Case Studies

  • Filters boost information highway

    Like all telecommunications network operators, Telstra is constantly seeking ways of squeezing as much traffic as possible into its fixed frequency spectrum to meet the unprecedented increase in broadband demand from smartphones, tablets and laptops.
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  • Improving supply chains

    With most government budgets under severe pressure, the defence sector in particular is keen to explore innovative ways to improve affordability of major projects while maintaining all-important product quality.
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  • Protecting critical systems

    Prompted by the threat posed by electromagnetic pulses (EMPs), our power and signal integrity products have been expanded to include protection for electrical, power and communications systems.
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  • Next generation millimeter wave applications

    Our complex components and sub-systems for next generation higher frequency technologies are at the forefront of applying millimeter wave (MMW) technology to pioneering developments in fusion power plants, weather satellites and the search for signs of water in outer space.
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  • Vital connections that save lives

    Our ultra-reliable connectors are used in many vital medical applications including sophisticated miniature components for a totally electrical artificial heart unit, a capsule endoscopy imaging system and a tele-robotic surgical system.
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  • Vital power provision

    Data centres, crucial to the IT and communications networks that support so much of modern life, can consume 20 times the electricity of an equivalent office. Already accounting for about 2% of total US electricity consumption, they need not only quantity of supply, but reliability and quality.
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