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Hypertac Green Connect Contact

High power contact solution with unparallel low contact resistance

Hypertac Green ConnectTM Contact Technology offers a Lead-free and Beryllium-free high power contact solution with unparallel low contact resistance

The technology uses a set of socket wires, properly angled to form a hyperboloid-shaped, elastic and conductive sleeve. When the mating pin enter the socket, the sleeve expands all around it, providing many lines of electrical contact with the mating pin, as opposed to a few “high spots” on a conventional contact. The lower contact resistance of the Green Connect hyperboloid contact reduces heat build-up allowing the contacts able to handle far greater current in smaller contact assemblies without adversely effecting temperature rise.

Temperature rise tests have demonstrated that the hyperboloid contact can handle higher current and generate less heat under load than conventional contacts. It also provides lower and more stable contact resistance at any stage of the product life (i.e. both at 0 and at 10k cycles Hypertac Green Connect’s performance keeps a stable trend than conventional contacts which values are double).

Finally it maintains high current carrying capacity at 500 Amp in overload mode throughout the entire product life providing 90% more energy after 10k mating cycles.

Green-Contact-Temperature-rise green-contact-energy-transmitted
green contact contact resistance green contact current carrying capacity

Hypertac Green Contact