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Optical interconnect for high-speed, high-bandwidth 10GigE and 40GigE cameras

The LightVISION® VM operates like a QSFP+ but offers reduced dimensions and power consumption, operation over industrial temperature range, and option for board-mount or edge-mount. This optical module offers size and performance advantages over the QSFP+ in addition to Reflex Photonics products proven reliability and ruggedness. This new device is perfectly suited for 40GigE high-speed camera and demanding machine vision applications.


Optical interconnect for high-speed, high-bandwidth 10GigE and 40GigE cameras
LightVISION VM optical solutions

The application

40GigE camera can generate of to 40 Gbps of data that needs to be transferred from the sensor to servers or computers across a fast and reliable link. It is well known in the high-bandwidth connectivity world that signal integrity tends to degrade at baud rate higher than 10 Gbps over traditional copper links. At these rates, an optical link is the only viable solution to transfer the information generated by these high-bandwidth devices. 

This is why 40GigE camera integrator are now offering cameras that integrate optical module capable of >40 Gbps electro-optical conversion. For that purpose, up to now, camera designers were considering QSFP+ devices.

Reflex Photonics is proud to offer an innovative solution that integrates the capabilities of QSFP+, but in a format, that occupies 7 times less space, offers multiple board mounting option, and consumes less power. The LightVISION is now giving camera designers the ability to envision more compact and more reliable product that can be deployed in harsh environments.

LightVISION VM with MPO interface

The LightVISION VM is a screw-on, robust, industrial, and RoHS optical module with MPO interface. This approach combines a standard MPO cable connection with a robust, board mounted optical engine providing small size (footprint), face-plate or line-card mounting, and convenient optical cabling. This combination allows a standard MPO cable to be plugged in the camera housing and on a frame grabber card.
 In addition, the MPO connector is covered with an outside cover boot addressing the issue of water and dust contamination.

LightVISION LGA interposer and board attachment.
LightVISION LGA interposer and board attachment.
Size Comparison
Size comparison between a QSFP+ (top) and a LightVISION transducer (bottom). LightVision occupies 7 times less volume than a QSFP+.

LightVISION is offered as a 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12-lane transmitter, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12-lane receiver or a 4+4-lane transceiver.



Feature comparison

Dimensions (L × W × H) in mm 72 × 18 × 9 23 × 14 × 5
Temperature (ºC) 0 to 70 −40 to 85
Mounting options Few Multiple
Direct board mounting No Yes
Power <1.25 W <1 W
MTP/MPO interface Yes Yes
RoHS compliance Yes Yes
Price Low Low
100GBASE-SR4 compatibility Yes Yes
Hot pluggable Yes No
I2C interface Yes Yes
850 nm emission Yes Yes
OM3 fiber Yes Yes



Benefits of using industrial LightVISION 

  • Suitable for harsh environment and automotive applications .
  • QSFP+ technology replacement.
  • New generation of optical engine (emQSFP+).
  • Interoperability with QSFP+
  • Flexible height with LGA interposer.
  • Standard MTP/MPO cable connection.
  • RoHS, robust, screw-in board-mounted optical module with reduced footprint.
  • Performance: up to 40G from −40 ºC to 85 ºC .
  • Low power consumption: >100 mW per lane.
  • Bandwidth of 50G (4TX and 4 RX lane).
  • Multimode 850 nm wavelength laser.
  • Over 100 m reach on OM3 ribbon fiber.
  • Standard MPO parallel fiber connector.
  • 100GBASE-SR4 compatible.

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