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Application Success: Increasing Digital Reliability

The Challenge:

As computers, mobiles and smart devices become more advanced, so must the integrated chips that support them. Smiths Interconnect’s new Volta semiconductor test solutions, are leading the way. These solutions are used for testing the integrated chip packages behind everything from Bluetooth and power management to digital displays. Volta significantly outperforms the competition in both durability and performance.

Smiths Interconnect’s Solution: Volta Series Probe HeadsVolta Probe Heads

Smiths Interconnect worked closely with its customers on the design of Volta.  It uses innovative, world-class electrical contact technologies and proprietary engineered materials to achieve improved performance and production efficiency, as well as longer life cycle. It also allows for quick installation and easy repair that further reduce cost of ownership. By developing new electrical contact technologies and integrating manufacturing and assembly processes for Volta, we have opened up an attractive new market segment and demonstrated our commitment to continuously innovating to meet the changing needs of our customers.


Customer Advantage:

Technical challenges and soaring fabrication costs are fuelling the growth of semiconductor testing opportunities. Volta addresses these trends with a cost-effective, high-performance option specifically designed to meet customers’ needs.

Smiths Interconnect’s new Volta semiconductor test solution is supporting customers as they push the boundaries of technology.