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Custom Smiths Connector makes the Imaging Connection

Application:  Dental X-Ray Sensor

Intraoral dental x-ray sensors replace traditional film for tooth x-rays in the dentist’s office.   Instead of picking up the image on film, the sensor transmits the image directly to a computer monitor so the dentist can make real-time diagnoses of the patient’s teeth.  This company’s sensor connects to the system with a 6 position cable connector which must be easy to use, low resistance, and reliable over 100’s to 1000’s of mating cycles.

Solution: 6 position in-line custom connector ​

Smiths Interconnect’s medical products engineering team developed a 6 position in-line custom connector which facilitates connecting the sensor for unquestioned reliability.  The passive latching design between the plug and receptacle makes it clear when the connector is mated properly and the shrouded male pins prevent damage, while the Hypertac® sockets assure low resistance electrical contact for the life of the product.

Customer Advantage:

  • Reliability: Hypertac contacts provide 1000’s of mating cycles with consistently low contact resistance
  • Simplicity: Passive latch design makes the connector easy to mate and assure it’s mated properly
  • Damage free: Shrouded male pins prevent damage while connector is unmated on the end of the cable