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Medical Grade Spring Probe Solutions for Surgical Robotics

Application:  Surgical RoboticsSurgical Robot

Robotic surgery can be far more precise and less invasive than hand surgery performed directly by the surgeon.  The robotic system is controlled remotely by the doctor and is executed using minimally invasive, articulated instruments which enter the patient through small incisions.  Smaller, precise incisions help the patient to recover faster. Since these disposable electrical instruments must be interchangeable depending on the specific task during the operation, a dependable interconnect system was required for one of the leading manufacturer of Surgical Robotic systems.

Solution: Medical Grade Spring Probe SolutionsSpring Probes for Surgical Robot

Smiths Interconnect’s design team worked with the manufacturer in understanding their pain point and recommended spring probes as the ideal choice for their application.  Each disposable instrument has 4 spring probes integrated into the connection end that snaps into the system when that particular instrument is called for.  The probes slide onto mating target contacts on the robotic arm to make the required electrical connections.  This sliding provides excellent wiping action assuring a reliable connection, while controlling the mating force.

Customer Advantage:

  • Dependability:  Spring probes assure reliable electrical connections with every instrument change
  • Wiping Action: The sliding action between the probes and the mating pcb target contacts make sure that the mating surface is clean, providing consistent performance
  • Easy Mating: The controlled mating force allows easy tool changes and improves end user experience