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Scalar Feed Horns (SFH)

Smiths Interconnect's high performace Scalar Feed Horns featuring Millitech technology offer full polarization flexibility and symmetric radiation patterns with standard designs covering 26 GHz to 325 GHz to meet a broad range of end-user applications.

Features & Benefits

Smiths Interconnect featuring Millitech technology offers a range of standard and custom designed Scalar Feed Horn antennas that are both physically and electromagnetically symmetrical, and lend themselves to either multiple polarizations or polarization-independent (scalar) operation. Scalar horns are particularly suited to generate higher order modes for use in very efficient monopulse applications.

Standard designs cover 26 to 325 GHz, with approximately 25º beamwidth. Custom horns are available and can provide half-power (-3 dB) beamwidths from 60º to below 10º for narrow beamwidth feeds or horn-reflector antenna combinations. Multiple polarization options are available, as are full waveguide band models with single linear polarization.

  • Symmetric radiation pattern
  • Wide range of beamwidths
  • Low sidelobes performance
  • Polarization options
  • Low cross-polarization

Our product experts are available to discuss customizing scalar feed horns to meet your specific system performance needs.

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