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Attenuators and Variable Phase Shifters (FXA/LSA/VPS)

Series FXA/LSA/VPS waveguide high precision attenuators and variable phase shifters featuring Millitech technology are ideal for use as laboratory standards and general purpose system use.

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Commercial Aerospace


  • Communications
  • EW
  • ISR
  • Radar
Defense Overview


  • Satellites GEO and MEO
  • Satellites LEO
  • Navigation Communicaton
Space Overview

Features & Benefits

Series FXA and series LSA level set attenuators featuring Millitech technology cover 18 GHz to 170 GHz and are offered in standard WR-42 to WR-06 waveguide sizes. Series VPS variable phase shifters have 180° phase shift range and are offered from 26.5 to 170 GHz. If precise measurements of attenuation are required, series DRA direct reading attenuators are also available.

  • Fixed attenuators 0 to 48dB
  • Level set attenuators 25dB (min. @ max. setting)
  • Variable phase shifters 0-180°

Contact our product experts to discuss your specific requirements and custom configurations to meet your needs.


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