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LightABLE 28G LL Series 4TRX, 12TX, and 12RX

Embedded transceiver

The LightABLE 28G LL Series low profile screw-in module mounts to the board via an LGA connector (interposer). It is offered as a either a (4+4)-lane transceiver (100G full-duplex) or as separate 12-channel transmitter and 12-channel receiver modules (300G half-duplex as a pair) that operate at up to 28 Gbps per channel from −40 °C to 85 °C at ultra-low bit error rates of 10-12.

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Features & Benefits

  • Small: Less than 6 mm high (module and interposer)
  • Rugged: MIL-STD 883 shock and vibration qualified
  • Sealed: Moisture and thermal shock resistant
  • Storage temperature: –57 ºC to100 ºC
  • Performance: up to 28 Gbps/channel over a recommended operating temperature range of –40 ºC to 85 ºC
  • Sensitivity: –7.5 dBm (typical) for BER 10–12
  • Low power consumption: 180 mW/channel 
  • 4 TRX (4+4)-lane per module (100G, full duplex)
  • 12 TX or 12 RX channel per module (300G, half duplex)
  • Multimode 850 nm wavelength laser
  • Over 60 m reach on OM3 ribbon fiber
  • Standard MT parallel fiber connector
  • RoHS
  • Clock and data recovery, pre-emphasis, and adjustable output
  • Monitoring: LOS, RSSI, temperature, etc.
  • Integrated microcontroller
  • Attaches to system board with LGA interposer


  • Sensor connectivity including all-digital AESA radars
  • High I/O density, high BW communication links
  • ISR embedded system

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