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Industrial optical module with MPO interface

The LightVISION®  is a range of affordable, reliable, high-performance embedded optical transceivers with bandwidth up to 120 Gbps. These are well suited for high-bandwidth commercial aerospace systems with the added benefit of reducing aircraft wiring and system weight and bringing fault, EMI/EMC and lightning tolerance.

Features & Benefits

The LightVISION® VM is a  screw-on, robust industrial and RoHS optical module with MPO interface.This combination allows a standard MPO cable to be plugged into the optical module and also mounted on the face-plate of a box or line-card. This approach offers a standard MPO cable connection with a robust, board mounted optical engine providing small size (footprint) and convenient optical cabling at the same time. In addition, the MPO connector is covered with an outside cover boot addressing the issue of water and dust contamination.

  • Flexible: height adjustable with LGA interposer
  • Rugged: RoHS electrical interface
  • Performance: up to 10.3125 Gbps/channel
  • Standards: MPO/MTP® cable connection
  • Robust: Screw-in board-mounted optical module with reduced footprint
  • Low power consumption: 100 mW per channel Configurations
  • 4TRX (20G or 40G, full duplex)
  • 12TX or 12RX (120G)
  • 12TRX (120G, full duplex), in development


  • In-flight entertainment systems and connectivity (IFEC)
  • Advanced manufacturing, industrial automation and machine vision
  • High performance computer interconnects
  • Defense and commercial aerospace
  • Medical equipment


LightVISION VM LGA interposer and board attachment.
LightVISION VM LGA interposer and board attachment.
Cable assembly with rubber boot connected to MPO interface
Cable assembly with rubber boot connected to MPO interface
Drawing of LightVISION VM
Drawing of LightVISION VM with MPO cable Dimensions are given in mm
Drawing of LightVISION VM.
Drawing of LightVISION VM. Bulkhead mount . Dimensions are given in mm.
Drawing of LightVISION VM
Drawing of LightVISION VM. Midboard version. Dimensions are given in mm.


The LightVISION VM is also available in a “midboard” version.

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