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VITA 57.1 and 57.4 Optical FMC Cards

LLF and SLF optical FMC mezzanine cards may be used in applications including embedded VPX systems and industrial applications.The electrical interfaces are based on CML logic levels and support 10 Gbps data rates per link, for a total bandwidth of 100 Gbps full duplex (10-lane VITA 57.1) or 120 Gbps full duplex (12–lane VITA 57.4) and 240 Gbps half duplex (12–lane VITA 57.4) depending on the version.
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Features & Benefits

  • Industrial temperature –40 °C to 85 °C
  • Sensitivity up to –12 dBm 
  • 10 Gbps per channel
  • Short-reach 850 nm VCSEL lasers
  • Standard 1×12 MT optical interface or MPO interface with the MPO bracket
  • Up to 24 differential CML pairs per card
  • FMC+ electrical interface
  • Link distance up to 100 m (OM3 fiber)
  • I2C communication Interface
  • Asynchronous channel operation
  • Data protocol agnostic, balanced code
The FMC cards are available for use in rugged applications using LightABLE optical transceivers (LLF models) or rugged applications in space using the SpaceABLE optical transceivers (SLF models). The cards are single-width conduction-cooled VITA 57.1 or VITA 57.4 cards. An optional MPO front panel bracket accessory is available for compatibility with air-cooled applications.

The LLF and SLF cards incorporate optical modules with preprogrammed parameters for configuration—only power and high-speed signaling is required. An I2C serial interface is provided to interrogate the module.


VITA 57.4
  • 24TX or 24RX (240G, half duplex)
  • 12TRX (120G, full duplex)
VITA 57.1
  • 10TRX (100G, full duplex)



  • Embedded VPX computing systems
  • Phased array radar
  • CCD/CMOS imaging sensors
  • Evaluation platform for LightABLE and SpaceABLE optical modules
FMC Card shown with MPO adapter, with conduction cooling bridge
With conduction cooling bridge
FMC Card shown with MPO adapter, without conduction cooling bridge
Without conduction cooling bridge


The single-width conduction-cooled and air-cooled FMC cards include Regions 2 and 3 as defined in the VITA 57.4x - FPGA Mezzanine Card Plus (FMC+) Draft Standard. 


  • Vibration tests, Method 2007.3
  • Mechanical shock tests, Method 2002.4
  • Thermal shock tests, Method 1011.9
  • Thermal cycling tests, Method 1010.8


  • Damp heat tests, Method 103B


  • Cold storage tests, Method 502.5

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