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Burn-In Test

We offer an extensive catalog of finished sockets that are ready to fulfill burn-in, humidity, failure analysis, and test requirements for the latest packaged devices, including QFN, LGA, BGA and μBGA. We control the entire process to give customers a high-quality, cost-effective socket solution with a quick turnaround.

Whether your package matches perfectly with a socket in our current catalog, or you need a custom product for your innovation, Plastronics has the technology and the expertise to determine and deliver the right solution for you.
Burn-In Test
H Pin Test Sockets


The most cost-effective, high-performance contact pin in the industry.

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C-Series H-Pin® Socket

C Series Socket is a modular burn-in socket with clamshell-style lid. The small footprint outline allows for a best-in-class range of package accommodations, from 0.5 mm body size up to 12 mm and optimal socket density per burn-in board.


The H-Pin is a stamped spring probe with the mechanical, electrical, and thermal performance of a spring probe, and the ease of use and high volume manufacturability of a stamped contact. The H-Pin serves applications without the typical compromises that are generally required when considering cost versus performance.

D Series H-Pin® Socket

D-Series Socket is a performance burn-in socket, with a clamshell-style lid that can be equipped with a heater and thermal sensor.

ES Series H-Pin® Socket

ES family Series of sockets extended the scope of a burn-in socket. The modular lid construction can handle up to 1 kW of power and is optimized with thermal simulation to ensure out-of-the-box performance whether liquid or air cooled. 

ES Micro Series H-Pin® Socket

ES Micro Series Socket is a technological advancement in the burn-in socket segment, with a dual latch clamshell lid to provide co-planar pressure on the DUT when the lid is actuated. The inclusion of the patented H-Pin contact technology in the ES Micro-Series socket provides market-leading electrical performance in the smallest footprint for the highest possible parallelism on a burn-in board. This series is compatible with standard heaters and temperature sensors.

ESJ Series H-Pin Socket

ESJ Series socket is a high-performance burn-in socket, with dual latch clamshell lid to provide co-planar pressure on the DUT when the lid is actuated.

K Series H-Pin® Socket

The K-Series socket is designed to apply flat even pressure on the DUT with a secondary lever once the lid has been closed. This is to ensure that the platen does not skid across the top of the device when closing the lid potentially marking the device. This is especially important for exposed die products, or automotive applications where appearance is part of the pass/fail acceptance criteria post test.

M-Series H-Pin® Socket

M Series socket has long been the gold standard for reliability and out-of-the-box performance burn-in sockets. The high-quality components have been refined and enhanced over their lifetime for optimum performance and the highest quality.


These sockets offer a modular design in a small outline with very low inductance. The new Open Top QFN socket allows for more convenient package loading and unloading in most of the same lead count options as the lidded version.

Q-Series H-Pin® Socket

The Q-Series socket is available for mid to large package sizes. The Q-Series is a fully molded socket body and lid designed to meet the rigors of a wide variety of accelerated life testing applications.

R-Series H-Pin® Socket

The R-Series product line is an open-top reliability socket used for accelerated life testing. With versions of the compression mount open-top design available as a drop-in replacement for other legacy products on the market, there is no need to purchase new burn-in boards.

ESJ Series H-Pin® Socket

ESJ Series socket is a high-performance burn-in socket, with dual latch clamshell lid to provide co-planar pressure on the DUT when the lid is actuated.

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