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Joule 20 Test Socket

For Leaded and Leadless IC
The innovative socket design allows for disassembly of housing without removing from the PCB during cleaning or repairing, which results in higher production throughput and reduced down time. Joule 20’s redundant contact technology provides repeated reliable DUT contact whether Matte Tin or NiPdAu, without damage to the PCB.
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Features & Benefits

  • Drop-in socket matching existing PCB socket footprints
  • Long contact life, up to 500K insertions
  • Extremely short signal path providing high bandwidth up to 20Ghz
  • Optimized contact shape ensures no PCB pad damage
  • Tri-Temp Socket designed for (-40 °C to +125 °C)
  • Increased test throughput and reduced test set-up time
  • Solid contact structure for optimal DC performance


Joule 20 test socket provides best-in-class electrical and mechanical performance in testing peripheral ICs for the most demanding Analog, RF and Automotive applications. Smiths Interconnect’s capabilities cover design validation, RF measurements and custom simulations, including test capability in outgoing quality assurance.

Technical Specifications

Mechanical Properties
  • Typical Application: QFN
  • Pitches Accommodated: ≥0.3mm
  • Contact Compressed Height: 0.75mm
  • Contact Compliance: 0.26mm
  • Contact Force: 40~45 Grams
  • Contact Tip Coplanarity: 0.05mm
  • Contact Wiping length: <0.13mm
  • Operating Temperature: -40°C ~ 125°C
  • Socket Material: Polyimide
  • Contact Life: Contacts = 500K+
  • Elastomers Life: > [email protected], > 250K @ 125°C, 250K @ -40°C
  • Socket Housing = 1000K+
Electrical Properties
  • Contact Resistance: < 20 mOhms @ 500K
  • Current Carrying Capacity: 8 Amps
  • Insertion Loss (GSG): 20 GHz @ -1dB
  • Return Loss (GSG): 20 GHz @ -10dB
  • Loop Inductance: 0.42 nH
  • Capacitance: 0.17 pF
  • Decoupling Area: 1.40mm
Joule 20 test socket return loss
Joule 20 test socket return loss
Joule 20 test socket insertion loss
Joule 20 test socket insertion loss

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