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Tactical Global Positioning System (GPS)

Smiths Interconnect's Model 8836 series Tactical GPS Time and Frequency System is suited for SATCOM wireless ruggedized military applications where Size Weight and Power (SWaP) is critical.


Modular Systems

Smiths Interconnect's modular Time and Frequency Systems are built around a base unit that offer dual-redundant modular unit designed for high reliability applications requiring uninterruptable 24-7 service.


Array High Speed Test

Controlled impedance socket using individually replaceable spring pins. Socket is built with proprietary insulated metal with least deflection to accommodate large IC packages. Low and stable contact resistance and 3A current carrying capacity per pin. 40GHz/26Gbps performanc...


GPS Clocks

Smiths Interconnect's series of GPS disciplined clocks are high performance time and frequency references for applications requiring upmost system accuracy.


Monet Probe Heads

Proprietary embedded barrel spring pin technology allows the best in class electrical and mechanical performance. Higher parallelism for greater throughput. Individually replaceable cartridge design allows minimal downtime. Optimized design of Fan out PCB to insure best signa...


Peripheral Strip Test

Highly reliable multi site strip test socket . Customized design to suite any strip test handler. High parallelism offers higher throughput.


Peripheral Tri-Temp Test

5A continues current carrying capacity and capable -50 to 170deg C test environment. Proprietary contact design with wiping action at device pad to ensure consistent contact resistance. Minimal scrub action to the PCB pad.


Silmat® Elastomeric Test Socket

Extremely short signal path and capable to handle >40GHz. Customized test socket design for lab, engineering, SLT and ATE tests.


Array PoP Test

Highly precised top and bottom array simultaneous test capable socket for effective package on package test. Customized socket design is capable to test high speed signals in lab, engineering, SLT and ATE applications. Controlled impedance loop-back with PCB for high speed si...


Distribution Systems

Smiths Interconnect's Frequency and Time Code Signal Distribution Systems are specifically designed for a wide variety of signal distribution applications including sine wave, time code, and digital signals.


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