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Commercial Aerospace

Connecting Skies, Empowering Flights: Your Aerospace Connectivity Partner


Smiths Interconnect has consistently stood at the forefront of innovation, offering a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the commercial aerospace industry for over 60 years. Browse through our extensive repository of educational resources, including white papers, blogs, webinars, and literature. These resources not only showcase our deep understanding of complex technological challenges but also serve as valuable tools for industry professionals, seeking to expand their knowledge and stay abreast of the latest trends and developments.

Case Studies

Smiths Interconnect stands as a stalwart champion of technological advancement in the commercial aerospace industry. This collection of case studies sheds light on the pivotal role played by Smiths Interconnect in revolutionizing the sector. With an unwavering commitment to innovation, Smiths Interconnect has consistently delivered cutting-edge solutions that enhance the safety, efficiency, and reliability of aircraft systems. These case studies provide a comprehensive exploration of how the company's advanced interconnect solutions, including connectors, antennas, and microwave components, have not only met but often exceeded the stringent demands of the commercial aerospace sector. By delving into real-world examples, we uncover how Smiths Interconnect has become a trusted partner for aerospace manufacturers and operators, contributing to the industry's continued growth and transformation.

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Our product portfolio is meticulously designed to address these challenges, providing critical interconnect solutions, precision components, and advanced technology that meet the exacting standards of this demanding industry. From aerospace connectors and cable assemblies to advanced RF and microwave components, our offerings support the reliable communication, data transfer, and instrumentation essential for modern aircraft.


We supply application-specific, high-reliability electrical interconnect solutions from highly integrated assemblies to microminiature connectors, RF/Microwave components, advanced antenna systems as well as high-reliability Millimeter-wave components and fully integrated subsystems that provide significant leverage in tackling commercial aerospace system challenges.

  • Avionic Systems


    Flight Control & Navigation Systems

    Aircraft Management Systems

    Flight Recorders

    Landing Gear and Brake Control Systems

  • aeroplane engine

    Engine Systems

    Electronic Engine Controllers
    Power Controllers
    Overspeed Protection
    Vibration Monitoring
    High Temperature Sensors

  • Power Distribution

    Power Distribution

    Power distribution and management

    Auxiliary Power Units

    De-Icing Systems

    Power Conversion

    Motor Drives

  • SATCOM Connectivity

    SATCOM Connectivity

    Inflight Entertainment

    Cabin Communication Systems

    Wireless Connectivity

    High Speed Networking

Smiths Interconnect is committed to developing advanced interconnect solutions, technologies and full system integration capabilities for the latest generation of aircraft. Our solutions are well-suited to address both the reliability required for flight critical systems as well as environmental and mechanical concerns such as shock, vibration and extreme temperature ranges.


Success Story


Programs: B737, A320
Solution: KuStream® 1000

Passengers experience an interruption of in-flight high speed connectivity during take-off and landing below an altitude of 10,000 feet. This interruption is due to the system’s necessity to switch between connectivity systems in air-to-ground scenarios.

Aerospace News

Smiths Interconnect unveils 2023 Distributors of the Year

  • mai 02, 2024
  • Board Test Fixture Probes, Cable Assemblies & Harnesses, Commercial Aerospace, Connectors, Defense, Industrial, Medical, Optical Transceivers, Rail, RF-MW-MMW Components, Semiconductor, Semiconductor Test, Space, Test & Measurement

The distribution awards initiative celebrates business partners who have contributed to the growth of Smiths Interconnect's business across the 3 regions in which it operates: Americas, EMEA and Asia.

Thermopad Selector Tool Now Available

  • février 01, 2024
  • Avionics, Communications, EW, Ground Systems, ISR, Power Distribution, Radar, Resistive Board Level Components, Resistive Components, SATCOM Connectivity, Satellites GEO and MEO, Satellites LEO

New tool helps user select the best Thermopad attenuator product for demanding high reliability applications.

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