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High Power Isolators and Circulators for Space in L-Band

Qualified for Solid State Power Amplifiers (SSPA)

Specifically designed for solid state power amplifiers (SSPA) used aboard spacecrafts’ communication, navigation, RadarSats and satellite payloads (GEO/MEO and LEO constellations) these L-Band Isolators and Circulators are space qualified and are multipaction free to 1000 Watts peak at 1.57GHz.

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Features & Benefits

  • Temperature stable, multipaction free SSPA Isolators and Circulators designed for SSPA applications
  • Variants available in a variety of mechanical arrangements operating in assigned bands from 1.1-2.3GHz
  • In-house facility for CW, multipaction, corona discharge power testing, and mechanical-shock & random vibration
  • Sample data and test reports available to assist the design and qualification process


Smiths Interconnect has been producing space qualified coaxial isolators and circulators for over 30 years. This expertise has resulted in the introduction of our L-Band Very High-Power Isolator and Circulator components.

Our high power isolator and circulators feature solid TNC connectors while the isolator features in-house produced 50Ohm terminations. Internally the devices feature proprietary multipaction suppression techniques to offer the SSPA designer minimal risk operation today and a path towards operating at higher powers in future. Together in combination these features provide highly compact, space qualified solutions for the most rugged of space applications.

L-Band devices are examples of a range of mechanical variants operating in assigned bands from 1.1 GHz, (E5/L5) to 1.59 GHz (E1/L1) GNSS, the 1.2-1.4GHz EOS and 2.0-2.3 GHz TT&C bands

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