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RF Flexible Cable Assemblies

Industry leader in manufacturing excellence, tailored performance, and rapid delivery of custom cable assemblies. The Flexible version, our Mini-Flex, has an FEP jacket, round braid and inner spiral shields and is available in 2 diameters, .105" &.165". The Semi-Rigid cables are available with a copper or aluminum jacket and available with a selection of different platings and 4 different diameters (.047", .085", .141" & .250"). The Conformable®, or hand formable (BJ - Braided Jacket), has a tin filled braid with a metal foil underlay and is also available in the same diameters as the Semi-Rigid type . All 3 types (Semi-Rigid, Conformable & Mini-Flex) are manufactured using the same type dielectric core and have virtually the same electrical performance.  The decision of which cable to use should be primarily based upon your application.

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