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Smith Interconnect’s low-insertion-force coaxial contact system boasts electrical repeatability of more than 25,000 insertion/extraction cycles.  These 50-ohm contacts, dubbed the Coaxtac system, are rated at 1.20:1 (max) voltage standing-wave ratio at 3 GHz and 1.50:1 up to 18 GHz and are designed for high-pin-count assemblies as well as for portable computers, test equipment, and wireless applications. 

The Coaxtac system includes two concentric Hypertac® wire baskets in each socket, one for signal and one for ground. Standard L & N series rack-and-panel and quick-release cable-to-chassis housings are available to mount three and four-position coax modules.  Circular push-button D02 series connectors are also available with a combination of a single Coaxtac and nine Hypertac signal contacts.

  • 1.20:1 VSWR max. to 3GHz
  • 1.50:1 VSWR max. to 18GHz
  • > 25,000 mating cycles
  • 3 ounce average extraction force•50 Ohm impedence
  • Mounts in DIN 41612 insulator cavities
  • Available in D, L, N Series
  • Hypertac® inner/outer contact