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Contact Technologies

  • Coaxtac


    Low-insertion-force coaxial contact system boasts electrical repeatability of more than 25,000 insertion/extraction cycles.

  • Custom Grid Array

    Custom Grid Array

    Pin Grid Array layout to offer RF performance with the same stable signal integrity offered by cabled coax solutions but with reduced size, weight and cost.

  • Edge Card

    Edge Card

    Designed for disposable or limited use applications where the edge-card contact module is used in the reusable connector, mating with a pcb on the disposable side.

  • EMI-EMP Filter

    EMI-EMP Filter

    EMI filter connectors use multi-layer ceramic capacitor arrays together with inductive materials to realize robust, high performance low pass filter networks.

  • Fiber Optics

    Fiber Optics

    multimode and single-mode fiber optic contacts. Both types consist of two basic components: the core and the cladding, which traps the light in the core

  • H Pin

    H Pin

    The H-Pin provides the mechanical and electrical benefits of a spring probe pin with the cost savings and manufacturing process control of a fully automated stamping and assembly manufacturing process.

  • High Speed Copper

    High Speed Copper

    Quadrax and twinax contacts are designed for transmission of Ethernet high speed signal in harsh environments where integrity and reliability are essential.

  • Hyperboloid


    The shape of the contact sleeve is formed by hyperbolically arranged contact wires, which align themselves elastically as contact lines around the pin, providing a number of linear contact paths.

  • HyperSpring® contact

    HyperSpring® contact

    Hyperspring® contacts combine our high-reliability hyperboloid contact technology, with the mechanical features of a spring-loaded contact, to produce interconnections with improved signal integrity, high reliability and current density, and proven parametric stability over time.

  • RF Coax & Triax

    RF Coax & Triax

    Our complete line of RF coaxial and triaxial connectors and contacts include standard formats: MIL-DTL-38999, ARINC 404 and ARINC 600. RF micro connectors include high frequency coax, MDCX and MDHC.

  • Spring Probe

    Spring Probe

    Spring probes are designed to optimize performance in high reliability, multicycle applications. Spring probes are compliant which makes them ideal for blind mate applications as they selfcorrect for x, y, z, rotational and angular misalignment of the target.

  • Tortac® Contact

    Tortac® Contact

    Tortac® is the evolution of hypertac hyperboloid contact design dedicated to high density connectors. Boasting the same unique characteristics of the Hypertac hyperboloid contact on equal pin diameter the Tortac® socket features a smaller pitch that allows for a higher contact density.

  • Wiping contact

    Wiping contact

    wiping contact is a single-piece, metal contact retained within the test socket by an elastomer. The highly compliant contact scrubs against the device pad ensuring fresh surface contact without damaging the load board contact pads.