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Backplane Connectors

Offering a broad portfolio of backplane connectors that include SOSA aligned optical, COTS plus hard metric, VITA standard and high speed twinax interconnects. Our interconnect solutions address the requirements of mission-critical applications within commercial aerospacespace and defense market segments.

Backplane Connectors
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Optical Backplane Connectors

The LightCONEX® optical interconnect family includes plug-in and backplane module connectors that are aligned with the SOSA technical standard and compliant with the forthcoming VITA 66.5 for VPX systems. These active blind-mate optical interconnects are revolutionary solutions for VPX systems and meet stringent SWaP requirements of today’s defense applications in which high-bandwidth fiber optic transceivers are replacing coaxial copper interconnects.

KVPX Series

KVPX Series is an embedded interconnect system that provides unrivaled performance in harsh environments while adapting to the VITA standard design requirements. KVPX Series is a shielded, high-density, high-speed, modular interconnect system optimized for differential pair architectures on a 1.8mm x 1.35mm grid.

SpaceNXT™ Aurora Series

The first COTS Plus 2mm Hard Metric backplane connector, tested and qualified to ESA ESCC 3401 specifications. The SpaceNXT™ Aurora connectors have gone through extensive qualification testing to ESA ESCC 3401 specifications in order to validate today’s rigorous application requirements per customer and industry.

2mm / cPCI Series

Rugged 2mm backplane connector system is a compliant PICMG Compact PCI standard solution that provides engineers with an advanced interconnect system to address the requirements of mission-critical applications within commercial aerospace, space and defense market segments.

Backplane Twinax Connectors

We have taken the standard housing configuration of the P1 & P3 mounting dimensions while incorporating true differential pair contacts within the P1 & P3 dimensional constraints. P1 connector housing contains 21 position true differential pair blind mate contacts allowing board designers to carry high density differential pair signals from the LRU via motherboard to daughter-card plug in  modules with a single connector P1 type housing.

NXS Series

Equipped with the Hypertac® hyperboloid contact technology the NXS system can withstand data rate application up to 50 Gbps per bay requirements, including extreme levels of vibration, shock and climatic testing above 2100 G. The NXS Series is designed in a robust construction with 4 or 12 high speed quadrax (dual-twinax) modules.

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