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Spring Probe

Spring Probes

Spring probes featuring IDI technology are designed to optimize performance in high reliability, multicycle applications. Spring probes are compliant which makes them ideal for blind mate applications as they selfcorrect for x, y, z, rotational and angular misalignment of the target. Offered in compressed heights less than 2 mm and utilized on pitches as tight as 0.4 mm, they are well suited for high density, board-to-board, battery contact and high frequency applications.

Excellent for Blind Mate

Spring probe connectors are compliant on the surface of their mating half, rather than extending into it as with conventional pin and socket connectors. This bestows spring probes with unique blind-mate capabilities.

A spring probe connector may be designed to engage at a 90° angle to its target, wiping into position to clear contaminants. Conversely, the connector may be disengaged in the same way, at any angle, making probe technology the best approach to quick-disconnect applications.

Tolerance Absorption

Low Profile, High Compliance Ratio

Spring probe technology permits a very high compliance-to-length ratio. This allows Smiths Interconnect to design connectors as dense as 2mm, while maintaining 0.5mm of compliance.  Spring probe connectors are low profile designs which are forgiving of challenging mating conditions and vibration environments.

High Frequency

A short signal path, combined with design and signal integrity expertise, ensures remarkable connector solutions for both analog and digital applications.

Speeds of 12 Gb/S and bandwidths of 20 GHz can be achieved with spring probe interposers.  Spring probe connectors can also be made coaxial through the use of insulators and metal interposer bodies.

Eye Diagram

Low Stable Resistance

Smiths Interconnect’ spring probes feature several innovations for control of DC performance. Advanced biasing techniques provide excellent stability of contact resistance, even under conditions of heavy shock and vibration. Our connectors can be designed to withstand up to 30 Amps of current.

Bias Ball Cross Section

High Insertion Life

Spring contact probes are capable of remarkable longevity from 20K to 500K cycles based on design. Our probes are driven by helical coil springs, which maintain a constant force of contact over millions of cycles.  Our extensive plating and materials knowledge combined with engineering expertise delivers contacts that exceed the highest customer specifications for insertion life.

Environmentally Sealed

Smiths Interconnect's application expertise and the durable nature of our contacts permit us to design connectors with excellent performance in harsh environments. IP68 and MIL810 requirements can be accommodated without sacrificing performance.