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Custom Grid Array

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For Medical Applications

Custom Grid Array layout to offer RF performance with the same stable signal integrity offered by cabled coax solutions but with reduced size, weight and cost. The use of spring probes and target contacts in a grid array layout reduces the size, weight, and cost of the connector. Comparing the relative size of the grid array and coaxial contact connectors in selected applications, the Spring Probe based Grid Array contacts occupy only about ½ the space of traditional coaxial contacts. Also by replacing pin and socket contacts with spring probes, cleaning the cable connector can be faster and easier since flat target contacts are simpler to clean than coaxial sockets, thus improving throughput in a medical devices.Pin array technology

Features & Benefits

  • 50% smaller than cabled coax solutions
  • 30% cost reduction
  • Up to 100k mating cycles
  • Temperatures: from -15° to 35°C
  • Contact resistance ≤ 50m Ω
  • RF Performance from DC to 300MHz for the 2A and 4B configurations:
    • dB of Insertion Loss
    • 20dB of Return Loss
  • Crosstalk:
    • 35dB for a 2A configuration
    • 50dB for a 4B configuration

Grid Array (PGA) Layout

Pin Array Grid Layout

Using a spring probe grid array allows for the designer to customize the number of ground pins used to optimize the performance of the connector for specific frequencies/coil designs, saving size, weight, and cost while maintaining the performance of a coax channel where needed. Spring probe grid arrays also simplify cable termination activities by allowing mass solder termination to printed circuit boards.