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Supplier Information

Smiths Interconnect Supplier Information

Smiths Interconnect supplier information and requirement documents are availabe in pdf format below.

Terms and Conditions of Purchase 

Terms of Purchase - U.S. Government FAR_DFAR Flow Down Contract Provisions (US)

Purchase Order Quality Assurance Provisions (Smiths Interconnect, Inc*)

Tolerance and Inspection Requirements (Italy)

Tolerance and Inspection Requirements (UK)

Supplier Quality Assurance Requirements (Manual) 

Supplier Quality Assurance Requirements (Appendix) 

Post packing instructions

SCDSD Specification


* Smiths Interconnect, Inc. (SII), is the separate legal entity for the portion of Smiths Interconnect’s business that operates within the requirements of a Special Security Agreement (SSA) with Defense Security Services (DSS) of the United States.