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Loads and Terminations

Smiths Interconnect produces packaged coaxial, and waveguide loads and terminations used in its range of isolators, couplers and combiner/splitters and supplied as stand-alone components routinely supplied for space, avionics, terrestrial communications, medical and military uses. Coaxial loads and terminations are supplied operating in assigned bands from ~30MHz to 20GHz while waveguide loads and terminations are available from ~1 to ~86GHz. Products are designed, analysed, and optimized for specific applications to operate under worst-case combination of agreed operating conditions found in the intended application.

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  • MW Waveguide Loads

    The breadth of waveguide products includes devices operating from 1.0 to 52.0 GHz and includes isolators and circulators, combiners, transitions and terminations. Each product is designed for specific applications and optimized to handle an appropriate amount of RF power. The highest power devices are based on differential phase shift technology while lower power devices are supplied based on traditional junction technology, Smiths Interconnect offers a broad choice of standard junction and differential 4-port waveguide isolators and circulators.