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Pioneering Space Connectivity Solutions


Our commitment to pushing the boundaries of possibility is reflected in our extensive array of resources tailored specifically for the space market. These resources, including white papers, blogs, webinars, and literature, serve as invaluable tools for industry professionals, engineers, and enthusiasts seeking to delve deeper into the intricate challenges and groundbreaking solutions within the realm of space technology.

Case Studies

Through real-world examples and in-depth analyses, we explore how our advanced interconnect solutions, precision components, and technological expertise have consistently exceeded the exacting demands of the space industry. From enabling the seamless communication between Earth and spacecraft to enhancing the reliability and safety of mission-critical equipment, Smiths Interconnect's contributions have left an indelible mark on the pursuit of space exploration.

  • Next Frontier Mars Rover

    Mars Rover

    This break-through TVA technology can efficiently and accurately compensate for temperature fluctuations from -65C to +150C, enabling it to maintain a consistent signal strength even in extreme atmospheric conditions.

  • Satellite can use optical transceivers extensively.

    Optical interconnect within space vehicles in geostationary orbit

    Leveraging its expertise in embedded optical communication modules for defense and aerospace, Reflex Photonics is offering radiation-resistant optical transceivers aimed at the space market with the introduction of the SpaceABLE™ and SpaceCONEX™ “radiation resistant” line of products.

  • NASA Parker Solar Probe

    Space connectors make historic pass through Sun's atmosphere on board Nasa’s Parker Solar Probe

    Smiths Interconnect’s microwave RF components, delivering high reliability and connectivity performance, are used in the data and control transmission systems of the Parker Solar Probe, a NASA robotic spacecraft. Launched in 2018 with the mission of repeatedly probing and making observations of the outer most part of the Sun’s atmosphere, the Parker Solar Probe is one of the most audacious missions ever mounted by the agency.

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Smiths Interconnect comprehends the unique challenges posed by space exploration, satellite technology, and beyond. Our product portfolio is meticulously engineered to address these challenges, providing critical connectivity solutions, precision components, and interconnect technology designed to perform flawlessly in the harsh and unforgiving environment of space. From advanced connectors and cable assemblies to RF and microwave components, our offerings support the reliable communication, data transfer, and instrumentation necessary for space missions.


With a legacy of innovation spanning decades, Smiths Interconnect has consistently delivered solutions that enable seamless communication, power distribution, and data transmission across the cosmic frontier. From deep-space exploration missions to satellite constellations orbiting our planet, the company's expertise in interconnect technology has firmly established it as a trusted partner in the ever-expanding realm of space exploration and satellite communications.

  • Satellites GEO & MEO

    Satellites GEO & MEO

    Gamma Ray Detection

    Weather Monitor

    Radio - TV Networks


    Space Environmental Sciences

    Navigation & Communication

  • Satellites LEO

    Satellites LEO

    Earth Observation



    Space Telescopes

    Earth Sensors

    Space Cubes

  • Launchers


    Altitude Correction Modules

    Central Units - Communication

    Command Memory Boxes

    Control Boxes


  • Ground Systems

    Ground Systems

    Docking Systems

    Ground Stations


    Mars Rovers


    Navigation Systems

We design, develop and manufacture high reliability RF, microwave and mmW systems and components, connectors and cable assemblies that ensure optimal performance, durability and safety in space-related operating environments. We are an approved vendor for international space agencies including ESA, ISRO, JAXA and NASA, and have proudly delivered failure-free performance in numerous spaceflight programs. We work globally with our customers and space agencies to design the next generation of solutions for launchers, satellites, manned space flight and ground systems support.

Mars Rover

Space Heritage

We are an approved vendor for international space agencies including ESA, ISRO, JAXA and NASA Smiths Interconnect designs compact and reliable products suitable for launchers, satellites, manned space flight and ground systems support. Our solutions use space approved materials and controlled processes for minimum mission lifetimes of 15 to 20 years. Learn More
Our interconnect solutions have been used in different flawless space missions in 2021, discover them.

Space News

Smiths Interconnect unveils 2023 Distributors of the Year

  • May 02, 2024
  • Board Test Fixture Probes, Cable Assemblies & Harnesses, Commercial Aerospace, Connectors, Defense, Industrial, Medical, Optical Transceivers, Rail, RF-MW-MMW Components, Semiconductor, Semiconductor Test, Space, Test & Measurement

The distribution awards initiative celebrates business partners who have contributed to the growth of Smiths Interconnect's business across the 3 regions in which it operates: Americas, EMEA and Asia.

Thermopad Selector Tool Now Available

  • February 01, 2024
  • Avionics, Communications, EW, Ground Systems, ISR, Power Distribution, Radar, Resistive Components, SATCOM Connectivity, Satellites GEO and MEO, Satellites LEO

New tool helps user select the best Thermopad attenuator product for demanding high reliability applications.

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