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Understanding which RF Filter Technology works best for your next module design

Modern RF module designs are becoming increasingly complex and RF filtering is a key component in the overall system performance. To choose the right RF filter for your next RF design, you will need to identify the specific filter technology that best suits your RF design, evaluate the filter type, and verify the specifications and application use.

In this webinar, Smiths Interconnect experts will examine the different RF filter technologies, evaluate key parameters when choosing an RF filter, and discuss current and future RF filter trends. Special attention will be given to the emerging planar chip filter and thick, and thin film processing technology.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Learn key performance factors for conventional and planar chip filter technologies.
  • What are the key parameters when choosing RF filters: frequency band of interest, rejection criteria, insertion loss, package size and mounting style.
  • What is next for RF Filter Technology - current trends in filter performance.


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