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MUD frequency doublers featuring Millitech technology are balanced resistive-mode multipliers covering full waveguide bands. Power flatness for a given input power level for these units is typically ± 2.0 dB across the band.

These doublers are offered in both a standard and a high power version. The standard version operates with 16 dBm input power and typically provides 0 to +3 dBm of output power depending on frequency. The high power version operates with +20 dBm of input power and provides +2 to +5 dBm output power depending on frequency (see performance tables on the following page). Input VSWR is 2.5:1 and third harmonic content is -25 dBc typically.

Both versions operate over a wide range of input power levels, and can be tested at customer-specified power levels. These frequency doublers can be optimized to produce higher output power over narrower-than-full waveguide bandwidth. They are compact in size, typically less than a cubic inch, and require no external DC bias.

3 Results

  • Switched Filter Banks

    Switched Filter Banks typically include multiple filter topologies, including PIN diode and MMIC switch sub-circuits to achieve operational bandwidths of greater than 3 octaves. 

  • Synthesizers

    Synthesizer architectures supporting operating frequencies from 0.1 to 40 GHz. Our direct analog and digital designs feature fast switching speed of less than 100 nanoseconds and ultra-low phase noise.

  • Up/Down Frequency Converters

    High performance frequency block upconverters, and block downconverters are specifically designed for airborne satellite communications, data links, point to point radio links, and radar applications