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Switched Filter Banks

Four and Five Channel

Switched Filter Banks typically include multiple filter topologies, including PIN diode and MMIC switch sub-circuits to achieve operational bandwidths of greater than 3 octaves. Pin Diode Based Switched Filter Banks provide the highest level of signal isolation, higher operating power levels, and lower insertion loss and achieve switching speeds of < 40 nanoseconds. GaAs MMIC Based Switched Filter Banks provide switching times as low as 10 nanoseconds with very low power consumption and have the inherent advantage of supporting multi-octave frequency bands with extremely low power consumption.  

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    Semi-Rigid Cable Assemblies

    The Semi-Rigid cables are available with a copper or aluminum jacket and available with a selection of different platings and 4 different diameters.

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    Airborne Instrumentation Antennas

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    New blind mate active optical interconnect product line compatible with VITA and SOSA standards.

    Expanding on the successful LightCONEX style A compatible with VITA 66.4 aperture, Reflex Photonics is launching its style B and style C, both compatible with VITA 67.3 type C, D and E standard apertures. These VITA 67.3 apertures can be populated with modules that are either single active, dual active/passive, or a combination of optical and RF coaxial connectors. This flexibility will be particularly attractive to integrators that need to combine multiple I/O interfaces while keeping size, weight, and power (SWaP) at the minimum.

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    VPX Technology Development Trends

    Security is a critical challenge for a wide range of embedded systems applications. System integrators must optimize operational capability, maximize competition for systems development, ensure interoperability, and maintain commonality to reduce life-cycle cost.

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    Reflex Photonics Legal Name Change

    Continuing that journey, we are pleased to inform you that we have begun the process of changing the legal name of our company from Reflex Photonics Inc. to Smiths Interconnect Canada Inc.

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    24-lane 120G full-duplex embedded optical transceivers for high-density applications.

    New compact 120G full-duplex (12+12) 10.3125 Gbps/lane optical fiber transceivers for harsh environment applications in Aerospace and Defense. The LightABLEâ„¢ LL 120G full duplex devices are designed to be embedded on printed-circuit boards in close proximity to high-speed electronics in high performance embedded computing systems to optimize their operation.