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Resistive and Wilkinson Power Dividers

Wilkinson Power Dividers

New Resistive and Wilkinson Power Dividers for Space, Defense and Communication Markets 

Smiths Interconnect announced today the release of its new High Frequency Surface Mount Resistive and Wilkinson Dividers in DC-50 GHz frequency range.  The Resistive Power Divider Series offers excellent broadband performance, fitting a wide range of requirements up to 50 GHz in a compact footprint. 

The Wilkinson Power Divider Series offers multiple off the shelf options suitable for a  wide range of requirements up to 40 GHz and are designed for demanding applications where performance and isolation is required in more targeted frequency bands.  The series is also designed as a platform for custom solutions where unique design challenges may be present.  

“This series of Chip Resistive and Wilkinson Dividers complements our existing line of surface mount high frequency board level components pushing the boundaries of size, weight and power with each new design and expanding our offering for Space, Defence and Communication systems”, explained Tullio Panarello, VP and General Manager of the Fibre Optics and RF Components Business Unit at Smiths Interconnect. 

Smiths Interconnect high frequency surface mount Power Dividers are a totally passive solution with multiple band options allowing RF designers to reach more precise splitting and combining in higher frequency application in a repeatable surface mountable solution. 

The Resistive Power Divider Series is suitable for multiple markets and applications offering: 

  • Configurable design approach providing optimized solutions for dividing and combining. 
  • Broadband frequency DC-50 GHz surface-mount provide for an excellent electrical performance and offer all the flexibility of a discrete component. 
  • 2-way resistive dividers with equal and unequal power ratios can be expanded into more complex structures such as 4-way, 6-way, 8-way 
  • Possible to customize the design for a specific size and position of input and the outputs. 
  • Total thin film process provides tight features tolerances  allowing excellent part repeatability. 
  • Electrical and thermal performances tested through simulation analysis and real-life tests to ensure series qualification. 

The Wilkinson Power Dividers Series is suitable for multiple markets and applications and offerings: 

  • Better insertion loss performance than resistive power dividers  Wilkinson Power Divider Series
  • Frequency offering up to 40 GHz supporting a wide array of markets and applications. 
  • Proven thin film process technology providing small size, light weight, and level of power in a cost-effective, easy-to-implement surface mount solution. 
  • Splitters are offer in equal and unequal split configurations in frequency bands for various applications. 
  • Electrical and thermal performances testing to ensure series qualification.


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