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Backplane Twinax Connectors

We have taken the standard housing configuration of the P1 & P3 mounting dimensions while incorporating true differential pair contacts within the P1 & P3 dimensional constraints. P1 connector housing contains 21 position true differential pair blind mate contacts allowing board designers to carry high density differential pair signals from the LRU via motherboard to daughter-card plug in  modules with a single connector P1 type housing.

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Features & Benefits

  • Use of standard VME bus architecture cages for high speed fibre channel connection.
  • Bandwidth: Up to 3 Gigahertz
  • P1 and P3 Mounting dimensions
  • Board to board high speed data transfer
  • Matched Impedance Differential Pair Twinax & Quadrax
  • Data sampling rates exceeding 2 Gbits/second
  • 21 position true differential pair blind mate contacts
  • 150 and 100 Ohm matched impedance

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