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Phase Stable Cable Assemblies

Lab-Flex® T Series

The Lab-Flex® T  products are designed to be low loss, high frequency cables that have minimal phase change over temperature and flexure. The phase response near room temperature is virtually flat and cables tested through a much wider temperature range experience only 600ppm delta from -40° C to +85° C. Phase over flexure response is extremely stable as well making this product an ideal choice for any application requiring consistency in the signal timing.

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Features & Benefits

  • Up to 50 GHz
  • 40% Lower Loss than Solid Dielectrics
  • Superior Shielding Effectiveness
  • Direct Solder Sleeve to Outer Braids for superior reliability
  • Stainless Steel Connectors
  • Phased Matched Pairs and Sets Available (standard tolerance is ± one degree per GHz or +/- 2.8 picoseconds)
  • Silver Plated Copper Conductors


Lab-Flex® T cable is the ultimate solution for those testing conditions which require the minimum phase change during temperature and mechanical flexure. Solid PTFE cable insulators normally have 4000 ppm from -40 to +85° C. For low loss PTFE, you can expect near 1800ppm for the same temperature range. Our new Lab-Flex® T cable has a much lower ppm of between 400 and 600. The reason is the unique insulator in the cable. This material not only limits the expanding, contracting of the insulator, but on our 100T design, shows a virtually flat response at room (ambient) temperature. Lab-Flex® T also exhibits superior phase over flexure characteristics to those of standard Low-Loss cables due to its unique design construction.

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