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New Volta 180 supports Wafer Level Packages and Known Good Dies test businesses

Smiths Interconnect, a leading provider of innovative solutions for critical semiconductor test applications, announces the expansion of its Volta product line to incorporate Volta180 probe heads, to support the Wafer Level Packages and Known Good Dies test businesses.

The recent acceleration of the digital age is creating a huge demand for new consumer/commercial electronics to incorporate expanding functional needs into reduced space in a cost-effective manner. This has resulted in a huge growth in Wafer Level Packages and Known Good Dies.

The new Volta 180 Series is an advanced WLCSP test solution that expands Volta product line to include the compact 180um pitch, allowing for a higher number of chips to be tested on each wafer. It allows for a fast and reliable testing of wafers to ensure that they meet specifications and perform as they should, which translates into higher quality end products.

As part of Smiths Interconnect’s complete line of semiconductor test products, the Volta 180 Series offers several differentiating benefits:

  • High-accuracy measurements with low stable contact resistance up to 750,000 touchdowns 
  • Ultra-high parallelism up to 64 sites or 5000 individual spring probes equating to higher production throughput
  • Modular cartridge design allowing for quick changeover during repair and providing near zero down time 
  • Full drilled probe array offering field configurable probe positions (one Volta 180 head can be used for multiple products)   

“The technical challenges and increases in packaging costs are fueling the growth of Wafer Level Packages and Known Good Dies,” said Bruce Valentine, Vice President Business Development at Smiths Interconnect. “Smiths Interconnect’s Volta 180 Series addresses the market’s needs for reduced test time and increased throughput with a cost-effective, high-performance option, ideal to achieve high bandwidth, high reliability, low contact resistance, and long life”.

For more information visit our Volta Series Probe Head page

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