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Volta Series Probe Head

Probe Head for WLCSP Test

The Volta Series Probe Head addresses a need for reduced test time set-up and increased throughput in high reliability testing of Wafer Level Packages (WLP), Wafer Level Chip Scale Packages (WLCSP) and Known Good Die (KGD) at 180 µm pitch and higher.

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Features & Benefits

The unique precision afforded by Smiths Interconnect's floating spring probe designs allows for seamless deployment in testing Wafer Level Chip Scale Packages. We work closely with our customers to develop contactors which are used as probe heads in place of cantilever and traditional vertical probe card technologies. Smiths Interconnect has created thousands of probe heads for every type of device and prober. In that process, we have created a WLCSP-optimized family of spring contact probes, the Volta Series.

  • Reliable RF signal integrity
  • Excellent compliance and contact force
  • Easy maintenance



  Volta 180 Volta 200 Volta 250 Volta 300 Volta 350 Volta 400
Wafer I/O Pitch 180 μm 200 μm 250 μm 300 μm 350 μm 400 μm
Minimum Probe Depth
(At Test)
2.85 mm 2.85 mm 2.90 mm 3.80 mm 3.50 mm 2.90 mm
Probe Travel Wafer Side 230 μm 230 μm 250 μm 250 μm 300 μm 300 μm
PCB Side 170 μm 170 μm 150 μm 150 μm 150 μm 150 μm
Spring Material music wire music wire music wire stainless steel stainless steel stainless steel
Device Side Contact Material Homogenous
Probe Tip Shape 4-Point Crown
Spring Force 6.5 gf 10 gf 15 gf 17.5 gf 16 gf 17 gf
Contact Resistance < 200 mΩ < 250 mΩ < 100 mΩ < 100 mΩ < 70 mΩ < 50 mΩ
Continuous Current Carrying Capacity (Room Temp.) 0.84 A 1.2 A 1.5 A 2 A 2.50 A 3 A
Insertion Loss
(Pattern: R-S-R @ -1 dB)
20 GHz 22 GHz 30 GHz 20 GHz 20 GHz 20 GHz
Loop Inductance 0.65 nH 0.56 nH 0.76 nH 0.95 nH 0.92 nH 0.82 nH
Capacitance 0.40 pF 0.22 pF 0.31 pF 0.39 pF 0.41 pF 0.30 pF
Working Temperature -55° to120°C -55° to 120°C -55° to 120°C -55° to 150°C -55° to 150°C -55° to 150°C
Max. Number of Test Sites Defined by the FEA [Total pin count at a defined area is the limit]
Sorted Die Test Feature (Alignment Plate and Manual Actuator) Yes
Individual Contact Replacement Yes

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