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Enhancing Customer Efficiency with Volta 200

Addressing an ongoing industry need to improve wafer test production efficiency and reduce overall cost of test, Smiths Interconnect announces today the launch of its Volta 200 Series Probe Head.

A departure from cantilever and more traditional vertical probe technologies, the Volta Series enables quicker test set-up time and on-line cleaning & maintenance while assuring impeccable site to site planarity. These benefits are a result of using spring probe contacts and a proprietary engineered housing material. 

The semiconductor packaging industry continues to evolve as demands increase for complex functional integration at the smallest possible form factor,” says Paul Harris, Sales & Marketing VP at Smiths Interconnect. “Our customers are challenged to reduce their cost of test and deliver products to market at an ever-increasing pace. This drives the growth of Wafer Level Package and Known Good Die testing. The Volta Series allows Smiths Interconnect to be a premier solution provider by offering a high performance, cost effective solution to those industry demands.”

Smiths Interconnect Volta Series Probe Head supports testing from 200 µm pitch and greater and provides additional benefits including:

  • Extremely short signal path (≤ 3.80mm) enabling low and stable contact resistance, high current carrying capacity and longer life cycle.
  • Proprietary engineered plastic and machined ceramic materials providing high site to site planarity.
  • Ability to test at production, engineering development and failure analysis stages.
  • Flexibility of testing sorted die on all sites simultaneously with the Volta Manual Actuator.
  • Elimination of die cracking even after repetitive manual tests, enabling probe card bring-ups prior to the wafer availability.

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