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Standard Spring Probes

Loose Probe & Connector Solutions

Spring probes provide reliable electro-mechanical performance through hundreds of thousands of cycles. They are available in a variety of sizes, spring forces and terminations. Smiths Interconnect compression mount connectors utilizing spring probe technology offer tremendous advantages in reliability, performance and efficiency in comparison to conventional technologies like stamped metal, wire mesh, pin-and-socket or elastomer. Standard spring probes offering includes battery contact and connector probes designed to optimize contact performance in high-reliability, multiple-cycle interconnect applications.

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Features & Benefits

  • Featuring IDI contact technology
  • Long cycle life
  • Stable contact resistance
  • Superior compliance
  • Reliable signal integrity


Battery Contacts and Connector Probes are ideal for direct mounting to printed circuit boards  The electrical performance is maximized to provide a reliable path for either power supplies or signal paths Typical applications include the connections between a mobile radio's PCB and its battery, a board-to-board interconnect for the docking of a portable device to its programming station, or an interconnect between a camera body and a powered zoom lens.

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