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RF & Microwave passive multi-function assemblies (MFA) for Space and Defense


Passive RF systems which employ a series of independent components require that each is specified individually with care taken to ensure that together these operate as desired with attention paid to the electrical interdependencies and mechanical detail which can lead to additional cost, mass and sub-optimal performance. This approach is typically one that is used on small volume applications as found in the space and defense industries.

Passive multi-function assemblies (MFAs) can avoid many of these complexities with integration leading to superior electrical performance, a more robust product (improved reliability) with lower mass and volume and of course fewer vendors to manage. These are becoming more attractive as system quantities increase.

The objective of this webinar is to share the concept of passive MFAs, with examples provided that incorporate such functions as transitions, RF filters, ferrite isolators, non-directional couplers and high-power terminations. It will illustrate the advantages and the pitfalls that can readily be avoided and will offer an understanding of the trade-offs and benefits of MFAs in the defense and space industries.

Key Takeaways

  • What do we mean by MFAs? We look at examples from the past, present and future
  • Understand the trade-offs in deciding whether to opt for an integrated versus discrete assembly
  • Discover the benefits of MFAs in the space and defense industry
  • Decide for yourself if these benefits work for your applications


Presented By


Alan McNeill

Product Line Manager, Ferrite & Waveguides

Alan McNeill is based in Dundee, Scotland. He has 38 years’ experience working to promote passive microwave devices including ferrite isolators and circulators and has spent the last 28 years supporting Smiths Interconnect Dundee’s (TRAK) customers working in the space, defense and industrial segments


Joe Emsley

Product Line Manager, Ferrites Products

Joe Emsley has 40 years’ experience working across both active and passive microwave components and sub-systems. He recently joined Smiths Interconnect Salisbury operation to focus on ferrite product addressing U.S. ITAR controlled requirements within the defense and space markets.

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