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Coaxial Couplers

UHF to Ku-Band Coaxial Couplers

Broad range of passive coaxial couplers include Wilkinson, Directional and Branchline devices designed specifically to provide optimal performance in assigned frequencies from UHF to Ku- Band. Coaxial couplers provide designers and system architects with reliable and robust products designed and qualified for extreme operating environments in the Space, Avionics and Defence markets.

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Features & Benefits

  • Robust and mass minimised range of couplers
  • Optimized electrical performance
  • Space qualified: vibration, thermal cycling, mechanical shock and where appropriate high power testing (including multipaction where required)
  • Environmentally robust EMC shielding
  • Connectors selected based on operating frequency and RF power
  • Internal terminations and resistors analyzed to maintain reliability under fault conditions
  • Couplers can be supplied as stand-alone components or integrated with Smiths Interconnect’s ferrite isolators and RF filters


  • GEO/MEO & LEO payloads
  • Single and re-useable launch systems
  • Ground, airborne, and naval systems


Our stand-alone coaxial couplers leverage the company’s internal design, manufacturing, and Environmental Stress Screening (ESS) capabilities to support spacecraft applications including launch vehicles and payloads in GEO/MEO and LEO orbits. Beyond offering couplers as components Smiths Interconnect can provide couplers incorporated within more complex passive assemblies, including ferrite isolators and RF filters, to offer solutions that optimize performance, volume, and mass.

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