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Mastering connectivity challenges: exploring the strengths of the C9394 Series PCB Connectors

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C9394 Series PCB Connectors

In an era where the demands for robust and reliable connectors are ever-growing, Smiths Interconnect’s C9394 Connectors Series emerge as a steadfast solution. With a proven track record in delivering very high density, resilience in harsh environments, and adaptability for diverse defense applications, the C9394 Series stands as a reliable player in the world of connectors.

Very High Density Per Module

Central to the C9394 Series is its outstanding capacity, boasting an impressive 450 ways per module. This high-density design allows engineers and manufacturers to optimize space on printed circuit boards (PCBs) without compromising performance. Particularly valuable in industries where space is a premium, such as aerospace and defense, this feature facilitates the creation of intricate and sophisticated electronic systems.

Harsh Environment Resilience

The C9394 Series excels in harsh and challenging environments, whether in airborne operations, rugged ground applications, or demanding submarine deployments. Meticulously engineered to withstand extreme conditions, these connectors exemplify Smiths Interconnect's commitment to producing robust solutions capable of unwavering performance in the most demanding scenarios.

Hyperboloid Contact Technology

What sets the C9394 Series apart in its resilience is the incorporation of hyperboloid contact technology. This advanced technology ensures efficient performance in harshHyperboloid Technology environments by providing a highly reliable and durable electrical connection. The hyperboloid contact design enables the connectors to maintain optimal conductivity even in the face of shock, vibration, and extreme temperature variations. This feature further solidifies the C9394 Series as an ideal choice for applications where reliability is paramount.


Press Fit Version

In response to evolving industry needs, the C9394 Series offers a press fit version, eliminating the need for soldering. This innovation streamlines the assembly process, reduces manufacturing costs, and ensures a consistently high level of performance. The versatility of the C9394 Series, now featuring a press fit option, positions it as a preferred choice for engineers seeking efficiency without compromising quality.

Widely Used in Defense Applications

The C9394 Series has seamlessly integrated itself into various defense applications, from airborne systems to ground applications and submarine deployments. Its reliability in diverse scenarios has made it a trusted ally for defense contractors and military organizations, contributing to the advancement of cutting-edge technologies in the field.


As we navigate the challenges of connectivity, the C9394 Series prove their mettle as a dependable solution. With very high density per module, resilience in harsh environments, and the option for a press fit version, the C9394 Series continues to play a crucial role in defense applications across air, ground, and submarine operations. Smiths Interconnect's commitment to pushing the boundaries of connector technology reinforces the C9394 Series as a key player in ensuring high-performance, reliable electronic systems. Looking ahead, this series stands as a testament to the enduring impact of innovation in shaping the technological landscape.


High Density LRM PCB

  • Metal shelled modular design solution up to 400 contacts
  • High shock and vibration proof: no micro interruptions - test: 2ns
  • Conforms to MIL-DTL-55302 general requirements
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