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Exploring the Cutting-Edge SpaceABLE® Radiation-Resistant Embedded Optical Transceivers

In the vast expanse of outer space, where exploration and communication are paramount, technological advancements are critical for ensuring seamless and reliable connectivity. Smiths Interconnect's SpaceABLE® 10G SL Series and 28G SL Series radiation-resistant onboard embedded optical transceiver modules are at the forefront of revolutionizing space-borne high-speed onboard data processing. These modules are not only designed to withstand the harsh conditions of launch and the environment in space, including radiation, they offer unparalleled longevity and high I/O density, making them a game-changer for space missions.

QFN Testing

Optimizing Production Test of QFN-packaged IC’s for Consumer, Automotive, Industrial and Power Applications.

Where best-in-class electrical requirements intersect with a need for a small outline, low-profile footprint, IC designers are increasingly migrating to QFN packages. With their direct-attach peripheral pad structures, large ground block for thermal and electrical performance, and very thin stack height, QFN packages offer myriad advantages, but bring a new set of testing challenges. Meeting these testing challenges requires a test socket solution that is robust, reliable, and electrically “clean.”