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Customizable modular connectors for demanding therapeutic devices

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An FDA approved manufacturer was in the early stages of developing a body contouring system that uses externally applied low temperatures to cause fat cells to die and be absorbed into the body. For this product, the manufacturer required a custom cable connection that would allow the applicator to control the system; combining power, reliable signal, and fluid connections with an easy to operate locking device.

A custom solution was needed to include the holes for the colder fluid connectors, whilst still providing high reliably, consistently and the resilience to withstand multiple mating cycles. The manufacturer turned to Smiths Interconnect, an industry-leading provider of technically differentiated electronic components with experience serving a broad range of sectors, to meet these stringent requirements.

Customisable modular connectors

The ideal foundation for this custom cable connection came in the form of Smiths Interconnect’s L Series of high-density modular connectors. This series offers the required standard power and signal modules, but in a custom connector assembly it could also be combined with industry standard fluid connectors to supply the cold fluid needed for the body contouring system. 

L Series Connectors
The modular nature of the L series makes it ideal for customization and allows many contacts to be configured into a single frame.


This enables manufacturers to “mix and match” standard signal and power contacts into a unique assembly without the added cost and extended lead-time of custom tooling. These modular connectors are ideal for small volumes when developing a new therapeutic technology, and the assembly can be integrated into a custom connector for future high-volume requirements.

Benefiting from experienced partnerships
Reliable custom solutions are ideal for developing new therapeutical solutions as they offer the cost-effectiveness and design flexibility that manufactures require. 

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