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RF Tunable Filters

Bandpass/Bandreject/Digital Tunable Filters

Tunable bandpass and band reject filters are available from HF to S-band and are designed to provide high performance in a single package. While typically used in test and measurement applications, these products can also be ruggedized for mobile and remote applications. We offers several standard Bandpass and Bandreject Tuners covering the frequency range of 24 MHz to 3000 MHz in octave bands. Cellular and PCS units cover less than full octaves, however offer greater dial resolution. All standard units offer direct frequency read-out, high power, and narrow bandwidth.

Filter Select Plus

Features & Benefits

  • 24 MHz to 4,000 MHz
  • Direct readout
  • Octave tuning
  • High power


  •  Military
  • Test and Measurement


Smiths Interconnect’s standard products may be customized to meet specific requirements, including diplexed, and ruggedized options. Contact the factory for your specific requirements.

Smiths Interconnect filters are available to suit a wide range of applications in the military, commercial and aerospace fields. Superior performance is achieved through the use of high “Q” components and computer modeling. Please visit our Filter Select Plus Tool for additional support or to find your next filter application. For bandreject filters or custom filters, please contact your local sales representative.

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