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Cost-effective design for standard cycle life applications

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  • HyperGrip® Flex is designed to meet medical industry requirements such as finger-proofing to IEC60601, flammability rated to UL94, and compliance with most sterilization methods. It is equipped with high density screw machined tested and qualified contacts. 

    The new Hypergrip® Flex embeds all benefits of the existing Hypergrip® connector within a cost-effective design for standard cycle life applications. 

    The advanced keying system allows customers to build connectors with six different keyed versions of the same standard connector reducing lead time and inventory.

    • Low Level Contact Resistance (LLCR) compared to standard contacts available in the marketHypergrip Flex
    • High density with 0,4 mm diameter socket contacts
    • Low insertion and extraction forces: connector mates and de-mates smoothly with low force reducing
    • Standard industry cycle life: the contact provides industry standard cycle life of at least 2K cycles, for general medical applications.
    • Lower Cost of Ownership: the machined crimp contact allows for high volumes and lower costs with simplified “Crimp and Poke” assembly vs traditional nested solder contacts.
    • RoHS III compliant materials

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