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HyperGrip helps monitor consciousness during Medical Procedures

A growing manufacturer of this patient monitoring device needed an easier to use push-pull connector which would better integrate into the design of their device.  This device is used during medical procedures to monitor the patient’s level of consciousness, so they don’t wake up and become aware during an operation.  The customer’s previous design used a competitor's connector, which was difficult to operate in that particular application, and was a bit too industrial looking for a featured medical box. 

HG2, 12 position, HyperGrip​

Solution: HG2, 12 position, HyperGrip​

The HG2, 12 position, HyperGrip design was ideal for this customer’s updated product design, which featured just the connector, with a touch screen display, and an on/off button on the front of the device.  It also was easy and intuitive for the medical personnel to use in the operating room during the procedure.  An added benefit was the unique customer keying feature which was useful because the manufacturer sold their technology to other medical device manufacturers to incorporate into their multi-parameter monitors, assuring that only the correct patient cable could be used.

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Customer Advantage

  • Easy to Use: Simple push-pull design of the HyperGrip connector makes for easily understood and effortless mating of the cable to the system box
  • Aesthetic Design: HG series design integrates seamlessly into the overall design of the medical device
  • Keyability: Standard self-keying feature allows for up to 6 different keyed versions of the same standard connector
  • Crimp and Poke Contacts: Eliminate the need to pre-tin, solder, and shrink boot during wire termination – reducing assembly costs and cost of ownership