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L Series Connects for Therapeutic System

An early stage medical product development company was developing a non-invasive product which uses externally applied low temperatures to cause fat cells to die and be absorbed into the body.  For the cable connection between the head that delivers the patient therapy and their device, they needed a custom connector which combined power, signal, and fluid connections with a simple to actuate locking device.

L Series Connectors
L Series Connectors
modular L series connectors

Solution: L Series

The Smiths Interconnect modular L series was a great place to start, since it offers standard power and signal modules which can be used in the combinations they needed, and combined with industry standard fluid connectors to supply the cold fluid needed for the therapy in a custom connector assembly.  Additionally, the standard L series ½ turn jackscrew module provided the simple locking and unlocking mechanism.  The modular nature of the L series makes it a perfect choice for small volumes needed for a new therapeutic technology, and the assembly can be integrated into a custom connector for future high volume requirements.

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Customer Advantage:

  • Modular: Mix and match standard signal and power contact modules into a unique assembly without the cost and lead-time of custom tooling
  • High Cycle Life: Hypertac contacts provide reliability over 1000’s of mating cycles increasing MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure)
  • Ergonomics: Simple ½ turn jack screw mates and unmates the connector with a simple twist, making operation easy for users