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Elektra Award

Product Details
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Smiths Interconnect proudly announces receipt of the Elektra Award in the Excellence in Product Design - High Reliability Systems category, with its NXS Series of ultra-high density, space qualified connectors.

The Elektra Awards, whose ceremony was held in London on November 30th , reward companies and individuals for their excellent performance, innovation and contribution to the global electronics industry. “It is a honour for Smiths Interconnect to have won the award. We are so proud of our NXS Series and what it can achieve” said Gregory Kay, Product Line Manager for Mil/ARINC Connectors, “Our thanks go out to all of those who got it to where it is today!” he concluded.

The space satellites market is evolving from RF Analog-based payloads providing low speed telecommunication signaling, to a new Digital Transparent Processor architecture for high throughput satellites. This type of architecture increases the demand for rugged and higher speed connectivity.

NXS Series is Smiths Interconnect’s answer to this ever-increasing demand in Space applications. Built to the highest Space standards and qualified to rigorous testing and performance criteria (ESCC 3401, ESCC 3402, ECSS-Q-ST-70C, ECSS-Q-ST-70-02, ECSS-Q-ST-70-08C, ECSS-Q-ST-70-38C and ECSS-Q-70-71), NXS series satisfies both point-to-point and backplane connector requirements. The system offers a reliable way to implement high density interconnections with high-speed signal transmission requirements, enabling a scalable satellite design.
NXS series not only meets the requirements, but exceeds them: recent tests have proven that the system can withstand data rate application up to 50Gbps per bay, including extreme levels of vibration, shock, and climatic testing above 2100 G. NXS is equipped with the Hypertac® hyperboloid contact technology at the interface, ensuring high performance and reliability to critical applications. Multiple linear contact paths provide low contact resistance which remains stable over the lifetime of the equipment. In addition, Hyperboloid contacts have low insertion and extraction forces, ensuring high durability and long life, as well as an immunity to shock and vibration.

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