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Custom Grid Array: high-density, robust and cost-effective RF performance for medical devices

In this webinar Smiths Interconnect will start by covering the current and emerging trends in the medical device industry, with a focus on the imaging market. We will focus on applications that would use traditional coax connectors such as those requiring RF shielding and signal integrity and the demand for smaller, lighter, and more flexible connectors for next generation devices.

Next, custom grid array solutions will be shown as an alternative solution to the traditional Coax and/or shielded. This will cover an overview of what a grid array solution is, how it works, and how it can be implemented in a connector solution. We will then cover how this can be applied in a medical device and the benefits that could be realized vs. the traditional solutions.

Lastly, our experts will discuss how to design the custom grid array solutions for your next generation medical device in custom connector solutions, or using one of Smiths Interconnect existing high reliability connector platforms such as the D-Series or the Hypergrip Series.

Key Takeaways:

  • Current trends in medical for traditional coax solutions
  • Grid Array solutions - how it works / what it is
  • How Smiths can address emerging market demands 

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