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Hypergrip® Series: Choosing the Right Connectivity Solution for Your Medical Application


HyperGrip® series is a patented and proven high reliability circular connector series specifically designed for the medical industry, thanks to its reliability, versatility, customer keying system and quick and accurate connections. In addition, it is recognized for the finger-proofing to IEC60601, flammability rated to UL94 V0, and compliance with most sterilization requirements.‚Äč.

Today the market needs a disposable, cost-effective version of the plug connectors to be used when single or few uses are required. The HyperGrip® series now features Standard, Flex and Disposable versions. By developing this series Smiths Inteconnect has managed to improve the technical and value alignment, reduce inventory and SKUs, improve total cost of ownership, reliability and value and reduce risks in safety critical applications.

This webinar will take you through the history of Smiths Interconnect medical connectivity with an overview of the Hypergrip® series and other valuable solutions for your healthcare systems.

Key Takeaways

  • Review the evolution of Smiths Interconnect medical connectivity throughout the years
  • Explore the HyperGrip® series: standard, flex and disposable solutions
  • Discover other connectivity solutions for your healthcare systems