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Next-Generation Floating Mount and PCB Connectors for Complex Electronics


Today's advanced electronics systems are becoming more intelligent and connected, with the need to improve the quality and technology of its parts, thus being able to keep up with the current market and competition challenges. This causes a push to increase the speed, efficiency and reliability of the final application.

The next generation of Smiths Interconnect floating mount, PCB signal and Ethernet connectors for complex electronics system are the ideal solution for small size, high-speed and reliability in a unique product.

The connectors are optimized for the next generation of electronic control units (ECUs) mainly for rail and industrial applications, but not limited to those industries.The main features are the light weight and compact size contributing to saving space and weight, the high speed thanks to the use of Quadrax contacts for the new generation of ECU's and Signal and Quadrax contact technologies, the game-changing material with the insulator in Liquid Cristal Polymer, the improved creepace & clearance distance to ensure absence of electrical failure and the floating mount option essential to satisfy the need for an easy mounting.

Key Takeaways

  • Learn how to reduce complexity of system by focusing on the choice of the connector
  • Discuss optimized contact alignment and performance thanks to the contact technology analyze the optimized design and materials with an high voltage at 110 V DC5.
  • Learn compliance of international engineering standards for applications in arduous environment