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Semiconductor Test

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Reliable socket solutions

Plastronics offers an extensive catalog of finished sockets that are ready to fulfill burn-in, humidity, failure analysis, and test requirements for the latest packaged devices, including QFN, LGA, BGA and μBGA. We control the entire process to give customers a high-quality, cost-effective socket solution with a quick turnaround.

Founded on a history of innovation, Plastronics has become a leading global provider of technology for the semiconductor industry. It all started when our team invented the first open-top socket for production burn-in of LCC and PLCC packages to help semiconductor manufacturers significantly increase their throughput and decrease costs.

Today, Plastronics offers complete, reliable burn-in test socket solutions for all the latest packaged devices. As you can see from our timeline of patents and new products, we are always looking for new solutions to meet the changing needs of semiconductor technology. We are committed to meeting the challenges of our clients today…and tomorrow.

Product Highlights:

  • Higher Currents
  • Higher Frequency
  • Larger packages with pin counts up to 3000 I/Os that are have .25mm+ in warpage
  • Packages down to .4mm pitch between pads or balls

Whether your package matches perfectly with a socket in our current catalog, or you need a custom product for your innovation, Plastronics has the technology and the expertise to determine and deliver the right solution for you.

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