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BOA Connectors

Heavy Duty Circular Connectors

Specifically designed for the compact size and the advanced technical features of the rail balise system. The BOA connector ensures reliable signal integrity and perfect transmission of data between the rail track and the train borne equipment, which is key for the performance of the balise system. The vibration tests are compliant to IS-402 and the connector complies to VG95234, MIL-C-5015, and MIL-C-26482 normative.

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Features & Benefits

  • Excellent data transmission and reliable signal integrity thanks to the use of the world class Hypertac® Hyperboloid contact
  • Anti-tampering configurations available to avoid sabotages
  • Special alloys and conductive plating to resist under harsh environment conditions along railway tracks
  • Bayonet locking system for easy maintenance and download/upload of data into and from the balise
  • Metal shell with conductive plating for shielding purpose
  • Self extinguishing or not flammable insulator, smoke-halogen free with high dielectric withstanding voltage
  • Vibration tests compliant to MIL-STD-1344 method 2004 cond. III
  • IP67 protection, salt water mist tested
  • Compliant to VG95234, MIL-C-26482

Anti-tampering option

Specifically designed for the compact size and the advanced technical features of the balise system, the BOA series ensures an excellent data transmission and a reliable signal integrity.

  • Available with Hypertac® Hyperboloid or Tortac® contact technologies depending on the number of ways
  • Bayonet locking system with anti-tampering mechanism for easy maintenance and to avoid sabotages
  • Plug version: easy download/upload of data into and from the balise
  • Colored jumper versions: red, black, green, orange, yellow depending on the function
  • Special plating to resist contamination under harsh environmental conditions along railway tracks
  • Excellent transmission of data between the rail track and train borne equipment

Contact Technologies

Hypertac® Hyperboloid

Hyperboloid Contact Technology

  • Long Contact Life - Industry-leading mating cycles (over 100,000) provide low cost of ownership
  • Low Insertion / Extraction Forces - Ergonomic mating without mate assist hardware for cost and space saving
  • Lower Contact Resistance - Low power consumption / lower voltage drop across connector
  • Higher Current Ratings - Smaller contacts needed to carry power reduce size and weight
  • Immunity to Shock & Vibration - Reliability under harsh environmental conditions
  • 360º Contact Wipe - Self-cleaning contacts assure uninterrupted connection
  • Restricted materials - RoHS compliant with Exemption 6c

Tortac® Contact


  • High density - Smaller pitch with equivalent mechanical and  electrical properties of Hypertac® hyperboloid contact
  • High current in same pitch - Higher current handling vs. pitch: compared  to Hyperboloid contact, for the same external socket diameter, a pin with a larger diameter can be used so that it hands higher current
  • Finite element analysis approach - Single piece design that allows FEA instead of “trial & error” approach for new designs
  • Contact Life - Industry-leading mating cycles (over 10,000) provide low cost of ownership
  • Harsh environments - Immunity to Shock & Vibration and high  resistance to salt spray
  • Restricted materials RoHS compliant with Exemption 6c

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